MachineryPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
1.7T Digger + Trailer (plus fuel)$230.00$290.00
1T Vibrating roller (plus fuel)$150:00$200:00
Kanga + Bucket (plus fuel)$150.00$200.00
(Kanga) Boring head + Auger$40.00$50.00
(Kanga) Trencher$40.00$50.00
(Kanga) Rotary Hoe$40:00$50:00
Kioti Tractor (plus fuel)$150:00$200:00
(Kioti) Box blade$20:00$25:00
(Kioti) Rotary Hoe$55:00$70:00
Scaffold, Ladders4 Hours8 Hours
3m High Scaffold Tower
(weekly rate $220.00)
Sprint Tower Indoor
(weekly rate $100.00)
LADDER - PLATFORM 1.2M$10.00$15.00
Trailers Price for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
6 x 4 Trailer$30:00
8 x 4 Caged Trailer$60:00
Car Transporter (Tandem)$100:00
Digger Trailer (trailer only)$80:00$100:00
Chainsaws and Post Hole BorersPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
Petrol Chainsaw 20" Bar (plus fuel)$60.00$80.00
Petrol Chainsaw 14" Bar (plus fuel)$44.00$55.00
Electric Chainsaw 14" Bar$44.00$55.00
One Man Post Hole Borer (plus fuel)
(100,200,300 augers)
Electrical Price for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
3kva Invertor Generator Petrol (plus fuel)$60:00$80:00
6kva Generator/180amp Welder(plus fuel)$80.00$100.00
Extension Lead$7.00$9.00
ConcretingPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
Square mouth shovel $12.00$15.00
140L Concrete Mixer - Electric $38.00$50.00
Concrete Mixer Petrol Towable$52.00$70.00
Petrol Concrete Saw 14" (plus blade wear)$84.00$103.00
Petrol Concrete Saw 14" & TROLLEY (plus blade wear)$98.00$123.00
Jack hammer Petrol (plus fuel)$50.00$70.00
Rotary Hammer Drill
cordless Hammer Drill
SDS max
Petrol Concrete Vibrator$60:00$80:00
GardeningPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
Hedge Trimmer- Electirc$10.00$15.00
Garden Roller (Water filled)$15.00$20.00
Knapsack Sprayer$13.00$20.00
Weed Eater (plus fuel)$45.00$55.00
Weed Eater, (Multi Tool) (plus fuel)
Lawnmower (2 hour option available $20.00)$37.00$46.00
Zero Turn Ride-on Mower (plus fuel)$150.00$200.00
Garden hose$6.00$8.00
Garden Spade$12.00$15.00
Garden Chipper & Vacuum In One (plus fuel)$75.00$100.00
Rotary Hoe (PowerQuip) (plus fuel)$50:00$70:00
Rotary Hoe (Husqvarna) (plus fuel)$60:00$80:00
Towable Log Splitter (plus fuel)$110.00$150.00
Grinders / SandersPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
125mm angle grinder (plus blade wear)$20.00$25.00
125mm angle grinder (plus blade wear)
230mm grinder 9" (plus blade wear)$40.00$50.00
Makita Sheet Sander$30:00$35:00
Cleaning & Water-blastersPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
Wet & dry Vacuum Cleaner$30.00$45.00
Carpet Cleaner - Large$40.00$50.00
Carpet Cleaner chemical (per 100ml)$5.00
Upholstry tool for carpet cleaner $6.00$7.00
Carpet Air Mover$35:00$45:00
Water-blaster 2170psi (electric)
Water-blaster 2500PSI Trolley (plus fuel)$60.00$80.00
Extension House Wash Broom$8.00$12.00
Flexitool Porta pump$55.00$75.00
2" Petrol Pump (plus fuel)$50.00$70.00
3" Petrol Flexi Drive Pump (plus fuel)$80:00$100:00
2" Suction Hose$9:00$11:00
2" Lay flat Delivery Hose$9:00$11:00
3" Lay flat Delivery Hose$10:00$12:00
Electric Submersible Pump$30:00$40:00
Heating & VentilationPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
Carpet Air Mover$35:00$45:00
Commercial Dehumidifier$70:00$90:00
Concrete Saws / other sawsPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
Petrol concrete saw 350mm (plus blade wear)$84.00$103.00
Petrol Concrete Saw 14" & TROLLEY (plus blade wear)$94.00$112.00
Skillsaw 185mm $25.00$32.00
Sabre/Reciprocating saw (plus blades) $35.00$42.00
Sabre/Reciprocating saw (plus blades)
AutomotivePrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
Crescent Various Size$10.00$13.50
3 Tonne Trolley Jack$25.00$31.00
Stillson Pipe Wrench 18"$10.00$12.00
Stillson Pipe Wrench 24"$10.00$12.00
1/2" Drive Torque Wrench$24.00$30.00
Engine Lifter$32.00$40.00
10 Tonne Porta Power$50.00$73.00
Battery charger$15.00$25.00
Impact Wrench Gun 1/2" (Air)$15.00$25.00
Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2"$30:00$50:00
Impact Wrench Gun 3/4" (Air)$20:00$30:00
Timing Light$15.00$25.00
LED Pedestal Flood Light $15.00$20.00
16cfm Petrol Compressor (plus fuel)$60.00$80.00
PaintingPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
Airless Paint Sprayer$80.00$100.00
Air Spray Guns$15.00$20.00
CompactionPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 Hours
52kg 8kN Plate Compactor (plus fuel)$60.00$80.00
86kg 13kN Plate Compactor (plus fuel)$80.00$100.00
1T Vibrating roller (plus fuel)$150.00$200.00
Nail & Staple GunsPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
Fencing - Staple Gun
Air Pop Riveter$20:00$25:00
Rapid Cable Staple Gun (R36)$15:00
bouncy castlesPrice for 4 HoursPrice for 8 hours
glacier slide$300
call for travel cost outside Te kauwhata

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